Photo of Hrishi. He is wearing a black check shirt and is smiling as he looks at the camera. He is standing in front of a brick wall

Hi! I am Hrishikesh

I am a Ph.D. Precandidate at the University of Michigan, and I work with Prof. Sile O'Modhrain .

My research interests lie broadly in the area of accessibility and human computer interaction. My work explores (a) the design of digital applications on full page refreshable braille displays, (b) using the combination of audio and tactile modality for the interactions on full page refreshable braille displays. I design multi-modal applications that use a combination of assistive technologies.

You can contact me at hrishir at umich dot edu

Curriculum vitae


Conference Papers

  • "Hrishikesh Rao and Sile O'Modhrain. (2020) "2Across: A Comparison of Audio-Tactile and Screen-Readerbased representations of a Crossword Puzzle".(Accepted) CHI '20.
    PDF .

  • Demonstration

  • Hrishikesh Rao and Sile O'Modhrain. (2019) "Multimodal Representation of Complex Spatial Data". In Extended Abstracts of the CHI '19. Glasgow, UK.
    PDF . Github . Youtube Video .

  • Alexander Russomanno, Hrishikesh Rao, Thanasarn Tantivirun, Sile O'Modhrain, and R. Brent Gillespie. (2018) "A Tactile Display with Touch Sensing using a High-Density Microfluidic Chip". IEEE Haptics Symposium 2018, San Fransisco, CA.
    Finalist: Best demo

  • Workshop

  • Vaishnav Kameswaran, Maulishree Pandey, Josh Guberman, Hrishikesh Rao , Sile O’Modhrain. (2019). "Experiences of Mobility in the Global South: Lessons from People with Visual Impairments in India", In Hacking Blind Navigation Workshop of the CHI 2019, Glasgow,UK, May 19.